Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Country Tis of Thee...Sweet Land of Liberty

I love America! I'm not ashamed to say it! I'm not prejudice against others! I don't think we have a monopoly on the world and it is our job to run it! I love my country! In Afghanistan, women are not allowed the freedom of being educated. In Africa, women do not own bras! They also slave away in the dirt for hours with babies strapped to their backs. In so many countries, people are slaughtered, dictated to, treated with contempt, belittled, starved, forced to practice religions that are full of sorcery and superstition, basically, people are suffering in ways that Americans cannot truly relate to. We are a blessed people. Blessed to be able to have the freedom to be literate. To be literate, to be well-educated, that is power. Through education, one is able to make decisions for oneself, rather than to be dictated to by someone else. Education is freedom. Through knowledge, we find our gifts, our talents, our purpose. We are blessed to be able to have the opportunity to find our gifts, our talents, our purpose. I want everyone to stand up and cheer, "I love America!" And I want everyone to stand up and salute a soldier who has made our blessings possible...they deserve our prayers, our respect, our gratitude. Happy 4th of July, America!

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